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Chris Domingo @ The Analog Studio Mastering

About Us

Domingo Audio's Story

Domingo Audio started in 1999, born out of the frustration from mastering engineers not understanding the sonic quality we were trying to achieve while we owned and operated db Records in Orlando. Instead of paying other engineers, I took up the mastering for our label. Over time other labels started to come to db Studios for mastering. Eventually it became a brand and a “sound” known in the dance community. To achieve a higher level in mastering you must be very technical/feel and know multiple genres. In the last 25 years the Domingo Audio print has been stamped on 1000’s of records in Punk Rock, Classical, Thrash, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Blues. Jazz, and everything else in between. I personally believe mastering  them all has given me an edge in my own artistry in music. I bring that knowledge to my clients. 

Prepare your files for mastering.

Mastering specifications before uploading files.

1.  -6db of headroom. No limiters on backend. 

2.  Wave files only. Please no AIFF’s

3.  I use Venmo, Cash App, & Facebook Cash

4.  All masters are done as they are paid for. I give each client 3 passes for corrections. 

5.  I use 90% analog. I leave dynamic range. 

6. I prefer you send your files through an SFTP server for your safety. However, if I get your track I just master it. Simple.


Voltage beats algorithm everytime.

Voltage is alive and moving. The noise floor of a console and keyboards are whats missing in a digital recording. Harmonics are a huge part of music. Creating or recording harmonics isn't possible with VST's an a DAW. You have to actually record and perform it.


We are also artists and engineers.

30 years of mixing experience  makes a difference when it comes to making a quality master.

A few of our clients

Sony, Warner Brothers, Arista Records, Ultra Records, Motown, Enhanced Music (London), Colorize (London),  If you Wait (Ireland), Balkan Connection (Serbia), Stellar Fountain (Budapest), Armada, Bonzai (Belgium) Music, Blackhole (Netherlands), Songbird, Macarize, NuevaDeep, Laika Music, Emergent (Canada), Silk Music, Fris!, Avanti, Nervous, Majestic (Russia), and too many others to name.


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